History of Acura

In California (North America) in March 1986, was the opening of an Assembly plant called American Honda Motor Co. 3 years later appeared the name "Acura", which belonged exclusively to the most prestigious models of Honda.

Typically, the Acura brand is not very different for its tactical and technical data from the models of the Honda company. However it should be noted that the names of the models coincide. Most of the cars produced in North America (series TL and TL), well, models such as the NSX, RL, due to the low demand simply imported from Japan. Already in 1999, the output of the models Acura was 101 300 pieces. Such indicators cannot fail to impress.

The main difference between cars Acura brand from similar models Honda was the fact that the first had a more sporty style and high level of integration. Besides Acura releases in the US more expensive models RL and TL. Honda these machines USA is not represented.

The basis of the logo is the letter a, which refers metal tongs. A fairly simple pattern, it is difficult to register in the U.S. as in the official register logos chock-full similar characters.

Photo Gallery of Acura