History of Adam

In 2005, the automotive market in Asia went Pakistani Adam Motor Company. Initially the group was engaged in the production of trucks and construction equipment under license of CAT, but in 2004 it was decided to develop civilian cars that could compete with the leaders of local market foreign production. At the auto show in Delhi were represented by just two models - Revo and Boltoro.

Model Revo got a compact sedan with front-wheel drive transmission and engines were available with a volume of 0.8 liters at a power of 35 horsepower and 1.05 liters, capacity of 56 horsepower. In addition, buyers were available 3 or 4 speed automatic gearbox. Thus, the manufacturer was able to achieve the cost, which was 15% lower than all other competitors ' models. However, in late 2006, the Revo was discontinued.

Adam Boltoro had larger dimensions and packaged exclusively 1 liter engine 56 horsepower, which was delivered together with a four-speed automatic transmission. This model was introduced all-wheel drive transmission, which the engineers borrowed from the older models Romanian company ARO.

Photo Gallery of Adam