History of Aero

The Czech company Aero was founded in 1929 by the engineer by the name Novotny, who for several years tried to make the first cars themselves. The basis of the first models of the Aero includes such developments Novotny, as a double Disk, received single-cylinder two-stroke motor and a friction transmission borrowed from the company Daimler. All car production took place at the aviation plant in Prague, hence the name Aero.

Key decision manufacturer was mixing equipment hire to a minimum, which has contributed to low price on the car and, as a consequence, a good demand. The next car was the model ENKA, which received 0,5 liter engine, with a capacity of 10 horsepower is one of the most powerful powertrain that time. The suspension was built on half-leaf springs, making it soft and not suitable for travel outside of public roads. In General, however, the model was robust and practical, especially this has contributed to a strong body, designed by the best aviainterery the Czech Republic.

In addition, the company Aero, first in Europe have used marketing tools for the presentation of new models of cars. For example, before the opening of the Paris motor show, where they were supposed to represent Aero 30, it was done periodically mileage from Prague to Germany and back. This was done with the aim to demonstrate the average speed model, which amounted to nearly 27 miles per hour, which was a record for a production car.

The last model presented in 1937, became the Aero 50, which received front-wheel drive and four seats. The engine had a four-cylinder design, and engine capacity of up to two liters. If this car had only the most necessary options of the time and open body. In 1947, when it was resumed production company Aero, the car was closed body, which contributed to a better aerodynamic efficiency. However, the new model Minor - quadruple two-door sedan of the company, are very inferior competitors and quickly replaced by two new developments, which, unfortunately, did not save the company Aero from economic difficulties. And in 1952, it was announced bankruptcy.

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