History of Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo is a company located in Italy, she specializes in the manufacture of automobiles. She was the primary 1910, in Milan, its original name was A. L. F. A. in Parallel, the company is engaged in the production of trucks, buses, trolleybuses.

Very interestingly, the company logo is a snake that almost to the end swallows man, and left a painted red cross. The company's management A. L. F. A. assures that the logo depicts a harmless snake, and thus they wanted to assert their power and enterprise, and that they, in fact, failed.

In 1915 he joined the company as the new Director of Nicholas Romeo, after which she became known to the world the name of Alfa Romeo.

The cars of this brand has always distinguished excellent driving characteristics, and the main evidence of this is part of the cars racing in tournaments.

It should be noted that Alfa Romeo has given consumers a number of unique innovations: four or more valves on all cylinders, the block head with 2 shafts. Nowadays they already successfully applied, but in those days it was an extraordinary phenomenon. They allowed themselves only the owners of expensive cars, such as Aston Martin, Ferrari, Porsche. Almost every model of the brand Alfa Romeo has a sporty version, for example, a series Julia. According to experienced mechanics, it was the same car that comes with sports, racing and four-door sedan. Known series 2600 cars have been produced since the early 60-ies. They were all very expensive cars, the owner of one of them was the Pope himself.

Photo Gallery of Alfa Romeo

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