History of Alpina

On the basis of the most famous in the world of BMW group in 1964 the company was founded luxury cars BMW-ALPINA (Alpina Burkard Bovensiepen).

Based Burkard Bovensiepen, the company was originally conceived, and is to this day tuning, although the "allpinouts" claim that they "create a car". BMW-ALPINA considering the entire range of BMW. The group produces about 600 elite, exclusive cars a year. From the BMW car manufacturer BMW-ALPINA receives only the body and the engine disassembled, in boxes. And independently collects vehicle, wherein huningue and adding the standard for specification of BMW-ALPINA parts. Note that the cars are assembled by hand.

Outwardly, the differences between the standard BMW and BMW-ALPINA are not always visible. Only visible binding for Alpina details like the twelve spoke alloy wheels, updated front and rear spoilers, and a distinctive applique Golden brown on the sides of the body.

But the real pride of every employee BMW-ALPINA are improvements in the car, the suspension and the body.

Each engine for the BMW-ALPINA manually collected by a separate master who is practicing every detail, uses the most modern materials, in its sole discretion to fit the engine. After completing this process, the engine is "cold running", which is the best way to extend the life of the engine and increase its resources. And the final point of installation on the engine special plate with the serial number and the mark of the wizard who summoned it.

The same process is waiting and brakes, and suspension, and steering, the result is a completely unique build, existing in a single copy. While the exterior of the finished car reminds serial BMW, but actually is unique, having its own features and characteristics.

The interior of this car is definitely leather, specially executed in order from the most expensive leather, and stitched two-tone branded stitch green and blue. Above the rear view mirror is placed at the sign of wood with a silver overlay, which indicates the model and serial number of the car. Another elegant touch to the car will give enshrined in the trunk of a box, in which you will find a few bottles of excellent wine, which is nowhere else will you do. BMW-ALPINA all its customers gives the wine from private vineyards, because the wine industry is a hobby of the owner of the company.

One of the great cars series Alpina is to BMW/Alpina B3 3.3, powerful rear-drive sedan of the luxury class created on the basis of the BMW 3 series and is filled with excellent driving characteristics Alpina. It was presented at the Geneva show in 1996, and in 1999 was upgraded. To accelerate the car up to 266 km/h, the capacity of this auto - 280 horsepower.

Another finding of the company was comfortable, luxury sedan-wagon based on the BMW 5 series BMW/Alpina B10, it is equipped with six-row engine, or eight-cylinder and capable of speeds up to 280 km/h, with a capacity of 280 HP car

Photo Gallery of Alpina