History of Aro

Romanian company ARO, focused mainly on the domestic market, produces four-wheel drive SUVs and created on the basis of their light trucks. The company has had no changes to their production, therefore, different models of these vehicles are created the same way. Mounting on the base chassis imported engines and various components, as a result get the cars ARO significantly different from each other, with different characteristics. In fact, each car is made to individual order. Romanian factory in Campulung-Muscel since 1953 launched the first Romanian motorcycles. First released by car in 1957 became the model IMS-57. The next step in the production of cars was released two years later model M-59, which was equipped with inline 4-cylinder engine with a power of 70 HP Model has a top speed of up to 100 km/h. Since 1965 in Colombia and China exported 2,000 cars of this model. Was released 80 233 machine model M-461, went to export them - 46 549 pieces.

In 1966 he developed and launched the new car ARO-240, which was the first model in the series "24". In this model were able to create quite a comfortable lounge with a fully enclosed body. Engine with 83 HP and volume 2495 CC had average fuel consumption is 13.8 liters per hundred kilometers, could accelerate the car to 115-120 km/h gradeability maximum of 35 degrees. It was during these years the company has been known to us today the name Automobil Romanesc, or "Romanian car".

ARO-240 was produced in two versions - 240 had two doors, 244 - four doors. Subsequent modifications, 242, having the option of a short and a long wheelbase, and 243 three-door model with hardtop, soft or hard. Later in 24 episodes there is a lot of cosmetic changes outside the model, and the interior was changed only the instrument panel. ARO-24 were exported to Australia, Canada and other countries, won prizes at the rally of the Pharaohs" - the famous international competitions. Until 1986, when there was a change in the model, in the series "24" has released more than 125,000 vehicles, among which went for export more than 93 thousand copies. Since 1989, the range of this series has changed, rejuvenated. On the model were fixed engines Peugeot,Ford, Toyota, Daewoo. Renewal modification: 243 three-door; "station wagons": 244, 246 or 323 long base; and ARO Hunter model comes with a motor company Cosworth.

This was developed by a new model ARO-10, known in different countries under the names: in Romania - Dacia 10, France - ARO Trapeurs, England - Dacia Duster, Italy - ARO Ischia. In Europe ARO-10 homological to the car of the middle class.

10 series produced four versions: is 10.0, 10.1, 10.3, 10.4. All models are equipped with a 1.3-litre engines from Dacia. Since 1980, 90% of these models were exported until 1985. Countries importers were Italy, UK, Germany, France, Greece, Spain. Some of the exported machine with diesel powertrains from Pegaso and VW.

Version Deluxe version ARO-10 had the name Spartana and was powered by a Renault engine. Own weight walking convertible Spartana is 950 kg. Used diesel and gasoline engines have a working volume of 1.2 to 1.9 liters and capacity of 54 - 106 HP

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