History of Aspid

"Aspid" is the brainchild and passion of the chief engineer and autoconstruction, Ignacio Fernandez, who designed the cars of this brand in their engineering company, "IFR Automotive". Having rich experience in building both conventional and racing cars, he came to the desire to create a machine that combines qualities of both class that was born of the need to create a lighter car, able to participate in races. After working at SEAT Sport, Prodrive Automotive and Mitsubishi Ralliart, he left to become a leader in the production of lightweight vehicles that would have a high performance, low fuel consumption and exhaust emissions, and all this at low mass. This became the springboard for the Foundation of the "Automotive" and "Aspid".

Mission "Aspid" was the creation of a "sports car in a new way", the production of sports cars luxury, able to deliver the driver really great fun and only possible in a racing car with the most high-tech components, safe driving for low emissions to the environment. All these requirements were implemented in the model Super Sport, which has a maximum speed of 100 km/h in less than 3 seconds after the start, and has a lateral acceleration cornering equal to 1.3 g.

The first prototype of the Aspid Super Sport was presented at the British international motor show in July 2008, and was greeted with surprise and admiration. It was launched in proaza as the most innovative car of the time, combining the latest advances in technology and design, and was fully ready to storm the high place among machines of the same class.

Photo Gallery of Aspid