History of Aston Martin

Brand Aston Martin was founded by Robert Bamford and Lionel Martin, who in 1914 he released his sports car. He had a 1.4 liter engine "Coventry-Simples" and the chassis of the car, such as Isotta Fraschini. A year before this event, Lionel Martin won the car Singer "singer-10, the race took place on the hill Aston Clinton, and that's why he decided to name the brand Aston Martin.

Today the future of the brand looks quite promising. Ford provides an Aston Martin as an innovative leader among racing and exotic sports cars. Turns out, the longer mark Ford will keep the leading position in sales of expensive cars, the longer will be an Aston Martin.

But if you follow the stories of the company, automotive catalog, then probably we can conclude that even if the world market will be an economic crisis or a Ford decides to sell Aston Martin, American cars still will not cease to please users. The cars of this brand really deserve attention.

Photo Gallery of Aston Martin

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