History of Audi

The German company Audi is engaged in the production of passenger cars. This company is a large German company Volkswagen, and its headquarters is located in the town Ingoldstadt.

In 1909 a kind, August Horch founded the company "Audi". The roots of this world-renowned manufacturer of cars go to the previously famous, but nowadays sunk into Oblivion firm Horch ("Horch"). This company in the old days of the third Reich was shining brightly in the German sky. Very talented August Horch in 1899 opened Mannheim in the German firm "Horch and company. And in 1909 built a new one, however, extremely unsuccessful six-cylinder engine. He's the one who nearly led the company to an ignominious bankruptcy, which greatly angered the companions of the inventor. They decided to expel the Horch from his company, but it did not unsettle the enterprising inventor. He immediately nearby founded a new company and amounted to a very solid competition with his former companions. In response, they decided to sue the Horch to the court, he changed the name of his new company. The court upheld them and thus the company could not carry the name Horch. In this regard, the enterprising Mr. Horch decided to resort to the Latin version, the original names. Owing to this fact, in 1909 and was born of the now world-famous company "Audi". And his first car Audi-A she released in 1910. Exactly one year later came the famous model Audi-V. by the Way, three such cars were raced in the Australian Alps in June 1911. Path length was approximately two and a half thousand kilometers. The most known and beloved Audi-was born in the remote 1912. Its grave is proving she was at the races in the Alps, and passed her, I must say. By the way, since the cars in this series received another title: "the Conqueror of the Alps".

Dire concern for Audi became the twenties of the last century. In fact, he was on the verge of bankruptcy, and the purpose of salvation, it was decided to merge with another manufacturer.

In 1929, the concern of Audi acquired German DKW and from that moment becomes the owner of his jørgen Skafte Rasmussen.

The thirties of the last century, the economic crisis resulted in several German firms to co-create the group Auto Union. It then includes former rivals Audi and Horch". This concern has developed and released two pretty good models that are well proven and successfully sold until the beginning of world war II.

After the end of hostilities, Audi and several other companies were nationalized and became a division of national Association of enterprises for the production of cars".

In the fifties of the twentieth century firm Daimler-Benz AG acquired a controlling stake in the group Auto Union. Soon, however, this package was resold to the company Volkswagen. Shortly after that was developed and released a new Audi with front wheel drive. Since 1968 triumphal procession begins Audi around the world. He at this time has a good range of beautiful models and sales statistics. Four circles, which symbolize the merger of four companies - that famous emblem of this concern.

In 1968 appears auto model "100", the famous "weaving". She and her followers were distinguished by four-wheel drive interesting and sporty profile. Famous Quattro, which appeared in 1980, has brought fame to the concern of the Audi and allowed him to rest on our Laurels. It is not surprising - Quattro was easy, fairly quick and was characterized by an excellent stability. This model is very well established in several races.

Already in 1969, the Volkswagen group acquired Automobile plant in Neckarsulm. And then the name was changed to Audi NSU Auto Union. But in 1985, the company returned to its previous name of Audi AG.

Since the seventies, there was plenty of export Audi cars in the States. First it was Audi Super 90 Audi 100. Then they are joined by the Audi 80. Later cars Audi got its own designation in the U.S. market, they began to call Audi 4000 for the Audi 80 and, accordingly, for Audi 5000 Audi 100. However, it should be noted that the frequent violations of liability for the products led to a decline in exports and the Audi States.

At the Geneva motor show in 1980 a lot of fuss all-wheel drive sports coupe type. For the first time in the history of the automobile wheel drive car was offered in the form of the Audi quattro. The very idea of such a new car appeared in seventy-sixth - seventh years at the test runs on the SUV VW Iltis. What prompted the idea of the introduction of all-wheel drive VW Iltis in serial Audi 80? Reply post: this gave just perfect behavior of the car on snow and ice. Was also developed another version of the increased power. Presents he was wide audience in the fall of 1979. Was characterized by this model five-cylinder turbo engine, the volume of which amounted to 2.2 liters and power of 147 kW / 200 HP

In the eighties of the last century Audi 80 quattro gave, so to speak, the start of production for the permanent all-wheel drive. Over time, this famous quattro concept was proposed and also other series of Audi models.

In late 1993, successfully debuted sports coupe (Audi Coupe), and it was released on the basis of the Audi 80. But the version that had the back of a convertible, was presented for the first time in 1991 in Geneva. By the way, with the production of this "veteran" of the Audi family, it was decided to withdraw in the middle of the century. Since 1992, there were only produced in the region of seventy-two thousand pieces.

New Audi 100, which has an internal designation C4, appeared in the December 1990. He became the first car in the history of the concern of the Audi, which was offered with six-cylinder V-shaped. This model was strong and compact at the same time. The working volume of the engine was 2.8 liters. This car was the easiest and shortest in its class.

The successor to the famous Audi 80, acting within 1986-1994 was gorgeous Audi A4. And he was presented for the first time in October 1994.

A4 Avant station wagon and coupe-cabriolet A4 Cabrio were born in 2001. This convertible has received a folding hard roof, like the Mercedes-Benz SLK.

The flagship of the entire range of Audi is rightfully Audi A8. As shown, this model was for the first time in February 1994.

But already in may 1994, the audience was presented a new product: a five-car RS2 Avant. It was equipped with the powerful fuel-injected turbocharged 2.2-liter.

On the platform known Golf IV was designed and developed Model of Audi A3. The first showing was made in June 1996. A full production of this new product started in 1997.

Model Audi A6 sedan was introduced at the Geneva motor show 1997. And in February of the next year saw the light of model A6 Avant station wagon. In connection with the development and assimilation of the brand new A6 (4B-type), it was decided to withdraw all production models on the C4 platform.

In the autumn of 1997 was a demonstration of the conceptual Audi A2. But before its serial production was held for two years. Thus, the concern of Audi's got himself a new family of cars European size class V.

In 1999 he was presented to the General public a new modification RS4 Avante, equipped with engine 2.7-V6-Biturbo three hundred eighty horsepower.

But the "sport" configuration S6/S6 Avant was born in the fall of 1996.

AUDI S8 is a heavy duty sports modification Audi A8 with engine 4.2 V8 and AWD. For the first time this model was introduced in early 1998.

The Audi Allroad is a model SUV based on the A6 Avant. This car was first introduced in February 2000.

Currently, the Audi group is one of the components is known, and Volkswagen". He is now experiencing rapid growth. And, it should be noted that this well-deserved success was only possible due to the new developments of this company.

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