History of Azd

"Solectria Sunrise" is an innovative passenger electric vehicle that was designed for maximum energy efficiency of the batteries and ensure the greatest range of travel.

It was designed "Solectria Corporation of Woburn, Massachusetts (later, the company changed its name to "Azure Dynamics Corporation"), and never has been, except for a few prototypes, despite considerable efforts to make him worthy of mass production.

"Solectria Sunrise able to drive on a single charge 604 km during the American race "Tour de Sol" in 1996. The car is also able to drive 349 km from Boston to new York on a single battery charge mode constant speed of 104 km/H.

In 2005, the only prototype, and molds needed to create parts of the body, were sold, and Taipei belong Amateur project, which produces a similar car called the Sunrise EV2.

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