History of Bailey

Bailey is the UK's largest company producing trailers for all kinds of vehicles, and mobile homes. Was founded in 1948 as a small production of trailers for cars and trucks. Over time the company grew and grew. To 1980 years every third trailer in the UK was produced under the trademark Bailey. Today the company is focused on further development and market introduction of the houses on wheels.

The company Bailey interesting to look through the prism 60 years of experience in the production of trailers. These 60-t-odd years have been filled with new developments and innovations, bringing the level of trailers to the necessary requirements. Today, the company pays great attention to the implementation of quality control at each stage, the use of quality parts and components, sustainable and secure trailers.

The company has its own website, where you can not only get acquainted with the technical advances in interactive form, but also show the web page telling about the rich history of the brand.

If we talk about quality, then all the trailers and motorhomes company Bailey are made from high quality aluminum and other details, professionally hand-picked by the best experts. As a result, every trailer company meets the stringent European requirements for reliability and build quality.

Photo Gallery of Bailey