History of Bentley

The car brand Bentley many associate with the concepts of style and luxury. If we trace the history, you will notice that all the cars of this brand were assembled entirely by hand.

The founder of Bentley is considered Walter Owen Bentley. By nature he was a passionate lover of art, and it all started from his childhood, when he was sitting near the cars. The first car that I saw the whole world, was Bentley 3L (it was presented at the London motor show). And just 2 years after the premiere of his began to successfully produce.

The prototype was made in a London Studio, located close to Baker street. Among the technical characteristics of your car is to provide a 4-cylinder engine, whose power was 65 HP, however, he had 2 candles per cylinder and 4 valve cylinder head with the release channels and inlets located in different sides, overhead camshaft. As a rule, before all cars received their names according to their engine power. But Bentley thought otherwise, he was sure that such a feature could not convey the quality of the new engine, so, in fact, decided to name the model, based on engine size. Now this principle applies in our time.

The main model is the Bentley Arnage. She has a fairly powerful engine of 4.4 liters and two turbochargers.

Photo Gallery of Bentley

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