History of Bitter

The beginning of the company's Bitter was started in 1969, when the former led and driver Erich Bitter began to look for ways to create your car. Prior to this activity, the founder of the company was very diverse, from racing until the sale of Coca-Cola. It is noteworthy that prior to that Erich had neither the education nor the experience to produce cars.

In 1969 he began to import from Italy machine brand Intermeccanica, and spare parts for cars Abarth. In addition, he owned his own workshop for the production of spare parts. The production cycle was established, so money problems did not arise.

Complaining of a bad car Assembly Intermeccanica, shoppers forced Erich to think about the production of the car - the same speed and higher quality. The style of "Italian" Bitters also didn't like and he searched the way for their future offspring. For several years he tried to combine the elegance of Italian auto with real German quality. In the end, he takes a few developments of Italian Intermeccanica and creates your car.

Body for the new machine was the prototype from the Italian company "Frua", and the chassis and engine taken from a car Opel Diplomat. This creates machine "Intermeccanica-Indra - the first development of the company. It was in 1971, and 2 years later, comes the legendary Bitter CD.

He was the first fully my design. The prototype for it was the Opel CD, introduced in 1969, but not gone in a series of guides holding GM. However, interest in the model was simply enormous, and sooner or later someone had to produce it. This company and became Bitter, presenting its creation in 1973 at the Frankfurt motor show. Under the hood of the car was a V8 engine with a capacity of 230 HP vehicle Height was only 1.1 m Body it was designed and manufactured by the Italian company "Frua". The shape of the model resembled released Maserati model Indy and Ghibli.

Bitter CD was expensive and fastest car with its own character. Aggressiveness was given the sharp lines of the body and retractable headlights. Production of the car was entrusted to the company Baur of Stuttgart, making concept cars and prototype models. The main criterion for selection was high build quality.

The car is Bitter CD was assembled at the plant in Stuttgart until 1979. The release was produced 395 pieces Bitter CD. Most of them now lies in the hands of private collectors.

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