History of Bmw

BMW is a German automobile company engaged in the production of cars (sports, cars, SUVs and even motorcycles). The company's head office is in Germany, Munich.

Concert BMW not all the time engaged in the production of cars, it can be understood even at the emblem is a circle, divided into blue and white segments, symbolized the flag of Bavaria and the propeller. In 1913 the company with the name Bayerishe Motoren Werke engaged in the production of aircraft engines, which were sold to plant Flugmashinenfabrik, located near Munich. As you have probably realized by name, he specialized in the manufacture of aircraft.

Nowadays BMW can be seen in several classes: premium and business. According to statistics, every year in the world bought more than a million cars of this brand. As a consequence, their number is constantly growing in parallel with the credibility of the company.

It's also worth noting that BMW is one of the leaders of the European automotive industry, the company produces a huge variety of cars under its own brand, has a British plant (city of Oxford).

Now BMW are produced simultaneously in 4 of the continent, to be precise, it is the 12 countries of the world.

Photo Gallery of Bmw

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