History of Brilliance

In mid-1992, the company was established with limited liability under the name of Brilliance Auto. The majority of shares (51%) belonged to Shenyang Automotive, the remaining 49% was owned by Shenyang JinBei Automotive Company Limited.

In September JinBei decided on the conclusion of an agreement with Toyota on the provision of technical assistance. Under the agreement of Toyota agrees to provide assistance in training of personnel Shenyang Automotive by using seconded engineers. The agreement was concluded before 30 November 1995.

In October, the manufacturer was able to make contact with one of the stock exchanges of new York.

In the second half of 1996, the company presents its first minivan, the average price category. In 1998 Brilliance acquires a controlling stake in one of the producers of automotive Windows, we are talking about a company such as Ningbo Yuming. Also around that same time is the acquisition of 50% shares of the manufacturer of gasoline engines used in passenger vehicles and light trucks - Mapapp Hpep.

In October of the same year opened a subsidiary company under the name of Xing Yuan Dong, the purpose of which was to centralize the procurement of spare parts intended for Shenyang Automotive. A subsidiary of the work was carried out by optimizing costs.

Until 1999, the volume of manufactured products in the form of vans increased from 40,000 to 70,000 units.

In mid-2000, Brilliance fundamentally founded a new company, Mianyang Brilliance Ruian, the purpose of which was the promotion of the brand Mapap Hpep. 50% stake in Shenyang Xinguang - known manufacturer of gasoline engines that are intended for passenger vehicles - as a Christmas gift presented itself, the company in mid-December.

the year 2001 marked the company following event: an agreement was signed with the German company BMW on the provision of technical assistance in the process of work "Zhonghuа". At the end of the year, the company acquires 100% of the share capital Dongxing.

In August 2002 release of sedan Zhonghuа".

Since 2003, in accordance with the signed agreement Brilliance starts production and further implementation of BMW sedans. Since April, the company's share in joint venture with BMW increases to 44,55%. Since May of this year is the release of the concept of the new sedan version of the "Zhonghua".

In September begins the creation of the BMW 3-series, this time is the so-called restaylingovoy version of the van "JinBei".

Since November, the company is engaged in productive activity in the sphere of production of the BMW 5-series.

In December, the index produced for the year vans increased from 70000 to 120000 units.

Since the beginning of 2004, the company Brilliance is engaged in the production of BMW 3-series, 5-series using not only imported but also local components.

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