History of Bristol

With its creation, the company Bristol Aeroplane Co. obliged Sir George Viton. First, the company actively participated in the production of a great aircraft. During the First and Second world war the number of quality and well-designed aircraft grew by leaps and bounds. So, for example, during the Second world war, Bristol Aeroplane Co. managed to achieve incredible results, namely to construct unthinkable at that time the number of aircraft - more than 14 thousand units. Among these aircraft listed all the famous Blenheim bomber.

After the Second world war, Bristol Aeroplane Co. in the order received reparations from Germany is quite extensive technical documentation now-famous Munich company under the name of BMW. We are talking about the documentation for the serial, and promising cars, among which was mentioned sporting options such as BMW BMW 327 and 328.

It was at this time the company decides to convert some of their departments in the shops for cars. The company just a few years, managed to achieve fantastic results and deserved to win "a place in the sun".

In 1949, the company is launching the model 401. In its development took part one of the Italian companies under the name Touring-Superleggera. The release of the car brought its authors considerable income until 1953.

In the years 1953-1955 Bristol Aeroplane Co. is the world your first achievement - car model 404. This model was a kind of British version 2-liter BMW. With this car due to a rather interesting coincidence (or maybe not a coincidence): according to official data model 404 was released on the market in the amount of 404 units.

Since the debut in October 1954 and until the termination of production in 1958 the car was manufactured about 300 copies. In 1955 the company tried once again to surprise their fans and put the spare wheel in front of the car. This version of the vehicle called the model 405.

Due to political pressure, the company had to go for the plunge - Association with other manufacturers (1960). This decision obliged the birth of the British Aircraft Corporation, which later became known under the name of British Aerospace.

Tony Grok referred to as the only rightful owner of the company. So, in 1973 due to the necessity acute economy, it was decided to sell the company this most Tony Groco. The owner was quite responsible and hard-working leader, thanks to his correct actions and decisions of the company lowered its conveyors really beautiful and high quality cars. Buyers have noticed it and Express their gratitude in the form of increasing interest to the company and increase sales.

Since 2001 the company became the only British manufacturer of luxury cars. Until this time the company is very proud of its rich and heroic history, however, the main asset Bristol are quality cars of its own production.

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