History of Bugatti

Bugatti is a famous car brand, which for all its rich history has seen its UPS and downs, stages of oblivion and international recognition. The cars of this brand for men are always associated with exclusivity, luxury style and elegance. And, indeed, Bugatti combines bold technological solutions and unique design. It is unlikely that someone happened to capture the imagination of people like this skillfully did the founder of the brand, whose name was Ettore Bugatti. After it in the automotive industry began to perceive as art.

If we look at the biography of the founder, we can understand why he has such a gift, because his relatives were all creative individuals. Therefore, already in 1900 Bugatti creates his very first car. Due to the remarkable design of the car he was honored to present at the exhibition in Milan, where he, by the way, and got the first decent reward for their labors. Since then, he has created a large number of models and participated in many races.

Now the car brand Bugatti are equal to the extra class, no matter what it directly concerns - used technologies, trim or materials used.

Photo Gallery of Bugatti

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