History of Buick

Buick is an independent branch of General Motors. The company's main office is located in flint, close to Detroit. The cars Buick primarily attract those buyers who want to buy luxury cars, classic American style at an affordable price. Almost all models Buick have a conservative style, although among them there are and contemporary design cars.

The founder of the company is David Dunbar Buick. So, in 1903, investing $ 100k (sold his company), he created his own company called the Buick Motor Car Company.

Over the last 60 years Buick has come a long and difficult way of development. And by 2000, the company issued 4 family of vehicles, which were based on 2 base platform chassis. Front-wheel drive layout sedan, V6 petrol engines and, of course, the automatic transmission (4-speed) - all present in cars of this class. It is worth noting that in our time Buick deals inexpensive enough the same type of production cars of the middle class, which focus on the American consumer.

Photo Gallery of Buick

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