History of Burstner

The company Burstner develops caravans and camping trailers from the 50-ies of XX century. The first models were hand-made and enjoyed an enviable popularity.

Despite this, the brand Burstner there since 1924. At that time it was the carpenter's workshop and was located in the city Numul. Only in 1953 it was a sharp change of course companies that shifted production of motorhomes and holiday homes on wheels. Time-consuming manual work, the imperfection of technology, high cost of production did not allow to increase sales up to 1961.

This year in Essen was held the first exhibition of "Caravan Salon", where the company presented their campervans.

Expansion occurred in 1973, when the partnership began to control the Board of Directors. Burstner moved production to new areas in the city Wissembourg. In 1977, at the age homes, the company has collected and sold more than 8.5 thousand units of its equipment. In 1982, this number increased to 15 thousand units.

In 1986 production was again expanded with a new huge site and the company received a powerful impetus for its development. In 1989 the company had 1150 people and produced 20 thousand campsites annually. The company coped well with the crisis began in the 1990's, despite the decline in production of up to 8,500 homes per year.

In 1998, the company merged with the company Hymer, which has invested additional funds and significantly expand production and dealer network. Today the company is one of the best manufacturers of camping, houses and cottages on wheels, supplying its products throughout Europe. The company employs more than 1,100 employees, and its output reaches 20 thousand homes per year.

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