History of Bussing Nag

Bussing NAG - small group, specializing in the production of various cars. In 1931, was presented the 10-TB models with engines of different size and capacity. After 1931 the company works closely with the firm karting, which takes the new 6 and 4 cylinder engines.

A large number of models of firm due to the high design potential and the desire to capture a larger segment of the market. There are cars and buses and trucks with a total weight up to 40 tons. Among the inventions of the company a large number of developments in the chassis, the drive and the location of the engines. Used company gas engines and many other special devices.

Bussing NAG during the Second World War produced trucks 4500S 4.5 tons and armored Halftrack with the drive. In 1945 the year were issued the first 5-ton truck series 5000S. In the early 1950s the company cars NAG ceased to be issued and the company got its old name until the merge - Bussing.

Photo Gallery of Bussing Nag