History of Byd

BYD is a relatively new car manufacturer, located in China, Shenzhen.

A young car company BYD different independent design and development, as well as its own brand. Its main objective is the production of quality auto world level. In our time, the BYD group has four manufacturing plants in cities such as Shanghai, XI'an, Shenzhen and Beijing. In a very short period of time the company has made tremendous progress, she is constantly developing new models of cars, thus improving the industrial structure.

The history of the company BYD started recently. Subsidiary BYD AUTO appeared in 1995. At that time there were only 30 people. After 8 years, the company managed to win 2nd place in the production of quality batteries. At the same time, BYD buys Sichuan company specializing in the production of automobiles. Now the total number of employees is about 40 thousand people, and its estimated cost, according to analyses by specialists, is more than fifteen billion Hong Kong dollars.

In just 2 years the company was able to move from a model release Flyer to a huge collection of cars that were equipped with different types of engines: electric, internal combustion and hybrid.

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