History of Cadillac

World famous brand of General Motors is still the "mother" is no less well-known companies producing cars of a class "Lux" - Cadillac Motor Car Division. The company was founded by engineer precise machines Heinrich Lelana and enterprising businessman William Murphy. The first name was a bit different from the usual for us and was the Cadillac Motor Car Company. Named the company in honor of the founder of Detroit, Antoine de La Mota Cadillac. By the way, the company's head office is located in this city. This concern was based on the already bankrupt and impoverished car company of Detroit. But in 1903 at the new York exhibition featured the first creation of the company the Cadillac brand A.

Note, however, that the model A was only the first successful attempt to create a real car premium, the real popularity of the group will bring a later model D, first released in 1905. First, the car belonging to the luxury class, was equipped with a four-cylinder engine, had beautiful wooden case and could be equipped, if desired, aluminum sheathing. Cadillac model D - the first decent creation of the company, it's a real elegant five-seater car.

And in 1909, July 20, the company is world renown General Motors acquires a small but thriving company Cadillac more than $ 5 million. Thus the Director asked Leland to be the Manager of the newly acquired company, and to manage it as their own.

Already in 1910 to establish production car with a fully enclosed body, and in 1912 the company introduces its unique innovation - electric starter. Now, to start the car, didn't need to twist the pen drive.

Another victory company becomes the Dewar award, which the company receives for electric lighting, and ignition.

Until 1922 the company's turnover reaches unprecedented levels, and the release of the car Cadillac passes the 20,000 mark. Not the last role in this was played by the famous model of Type 61, which is already in the standard was equipped with such innovations as the rear-view mirror, windshield wipers.

Another milestone in the history of the brand become the "roaring twenties", which is for Cadillac inseparably associated with the name of Harley Earl, who creates under the company's distinctive design company called General Motors Art and Colour Section.

It is the authorship of Harley Earl owns the world's most famous to this day grille Cadillac company.

The first complete work of Harley-Arlo in the Cadillac car becomes LaSalle, being somewhat transitional between Buick and Cadillac.

There were several varieties of LaSalle, even equipped with a small door and a compartment for accessories that accompany Golf. This two-seater was a breakthrough as the company's Cadillac and American motoring in General.

In 30-ies of the Cadillac acquires inherent gloss and chic, put real elite cars. Two engines of that period V12 and V16 became a real discovery in the American automotive industry and brought the caddy to become the leader in the United States.

In 1942 the company Cadillac introduces a host of new inventions, which are included in the history of the automobile, it and the hydraulic transmission, and hidden tank cover, and the first air-conditioning system of the vehicle. But the production car class "luxury" cars and just fizzles in 1942, when the company Cadillac throws all his energies to the production of military equipment and aid to the allies. And within 55 days after re-equipping the world will see the first tank Cadillac. In addition to the tanks during the war was actively carried out under howitzers, parts of aircraft engines and military vehicles.

But immediately after the war the company was adopted with a renewed vigor for the production of cars. For their design of the war has not been in vain, and rear fenders of the car, a special aerodynamic "fins" that were "borrowed" from a military aircraft. This idea relished motorists, and the era of the fins dragged on for a decade.

In 1949, the company also released a new economical V8 engine, whereby the Cadillac became the fastest and most popular car in America. On top of the successes of this decade racer on the standard Cadillac occupies the tenth position. In the same year the car was released, which received first prize "car of the year" and they became DeVille, coupe hard top option.

In 1953, the world saw a brand-new machine, the first since the war, equipped with only the latest developments, which by law could be considered a luxury car" - Eldorado.

In 1959, already famous Harley-Arlo creates a car that will occupy the minds of generations of Americans. They became the Cadillac, successfully copied and inspired by the fashion of those times for air style machines.

In 1964, the company will release its three millionth car, by the time born for a variety of models and design ideas. Will be greatly improved daring thoughts flaps of the car.

This year was the release of the cars with automatic regulation of temperature, both for heating and for cooling. Produced the first car for cold climates with heated seats.

In 1967, the world will see a completely new version of the front-wheel-drive Eldorado, which will become a luxury car, combining a lot of qualities, both external and internal, high-speed machine parameters will long continue to surprise and competitors, and well-wishers.

Since then and until our days, the company Cadillac is still a global name and a sign of luxury cars". It is known Eldorado was withdrawn from release in 2002, but still the car the higher strata of society.

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