History of Caio

In 1946 he founded the Brazilian company "Caio", specializing in the production of buses. However, in the first years of its existence, the company was positioned as a bodybuilder. The amounts were so large that started active cooperation with Daimler and Volkswagen", which opened its representative office in Brazil in 1955.

In order to reduce the production cost of the car, the German giants have attracted local manufacturers of truck bodies and parts, therefore, planning to sell their models on the average for South America prices. In this campaign to win market "Caio" was assigned the role of primary provider of bodywork and cabin parts for buses. The brand has gradually gained experience and began production of buses of its own design, taking more than 30% of the market for city buses to 2001.

In 2001, the company came under the control Induscar", which has invested significant resources to the development of a new generation of buses. The result was the first model of Caio for urban use, tourist buses and luxury coaches long distance. City buses Caio Apache and Millennium have modifications both high and low floors, and school versions. In addition, each of the models has always preparing for loading people with disabilities and prams. There are also extra long version of Apache, which have the form factor "Accordion" with low floors.

The Caio buses are equipped with turbo engines of Mercedes-Benz vehicles and diesel engines from Renault. It is worth noting that despite the budget price models "Caio", all engines meet the latest European environmental standards.

Photo Gallery of Caio