History of Camc

The CAMC DV, founded in 1999, is developing dynamically and is now the largest manufacturer of trucks in Asian countries. During their short history, the company has become a powerful producers, with conveyors which descends not more than 50 thousand heavy trucks per year.

The company started with a small company in the city of Maanshan near Shanghai: plant SAMS Automobile Co. Ltd was founded in the 1980s for mounting the truck-based chassis Mitsubishi.

In 2003, the holding company, which consisted plant CAMC Automobile Co., signed a 10 years agreement with Mitsubishi Corporation on the transfer and sharing of technology. In 2004, the plant produced its first own trucks. At the moment the plant CAMC - new complex area of more than 500 000 sq m

The company applies advanced technologies from leading European and Japanese firms. In the shops of the plant are Metalworking machines Mitsubishi, French painting chambers SAMES and line cataphoresis. The company employs more than 2 thousand people, more than 10 percent of the employees are technical staff.

Plant CAMC has a 230-metre conveyor of the General Assembly and the 120-metre pipeline internal builds, so the quality is very high.

Japanese patheticaly press Kawasaki is the pride of the company. It allows using a single punch to form the frame of the car. CAMC also produces machinery - mixers, dump body, lifting equipment.

In 2008, CAMC has achieved significant growth in exports to Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, countries in the Middle East.

The company is already looking towards the market in Latin America: in March 2009 the company prechal the delegation of Venezuela, which became interested in the provision of special equipment CAMC in the country.

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