History of Chandler

In 1913, several large American Industrialists, headed by Frederick Chandler founded a company for the production of luxurious and reliable car, which was given the name "Chandler". Originally, the company focused exclusively on cars and classic design. In addition, this brand has produced all components independently, including a six-cylinder 4.7-liter power units, the power which ranged from 27 to 30 horsepower. Such a small error in power was due to the fact that each of the motors was assembled manually, and was unique.

In 1919, was opened the first division of the company named "Cleveland", which was supposed to deal with the issue of inexpensive and light vehicles. In 1925, in collaboration with several car companies saw the light of the Chandler model Six, which had a unique gear box, where all gear had a regular engagement, and switching between them was carried out by means include a movable coupling. In addition, all parts of the chassis and engine were equipped with Central lubrication, which slightly increased the cost of one car.

However, in 1928, during the great depression, the economic crisis has affected the company "Chandler". The whole year was a struggle for the reduction of expenditure on the production of cars, but the first production was limited to only one model, and then was closed subsidiary "Cleveland". In 1929 ceased to exist and mark Chandler.

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