History of Changan

Changan automobile company Automobile, also known as CHANA is one of the largest car manufacturers in China. The carmaker is among the five largest automobile company of China. Several years of intense development Changan Automobile has formed a wide car series, which presents sedans, buses, trucks, SUVs and MPVs.

To those who wants to buy Changan, there is a serious question - why choose this particular brand, ignoring other, more famous brands? First of all, the cars from the company Changan are distinguished by the presence of the highlights in the design plan, i.e. Changan easily stands out from the crowd. The second advantage of choosing this particular brand is a perfect balance of price and quality. Another significant advantage - high level of reliability. Our roads and SUV called bad, but for the potential owners of Chang'an, which you can buy right now, this rule does not cause increased attention. Reliable here is not only a suspension, but the engine is able to spend on a trip dozens of thousands of kilometers without routine maintenance.

Currently available such products company Changan as the car cs35 (stylish crossover with low fuel consumption). Other models Changan - Eado (midsize sedan) and Raeton (sedan of business class) will soon go on sale and will be available to a wide range of customers at attractive prices. For each model, without exception, are all relevant warranty and a full set of services.

Key success factors of this brand are: reasonable value for the price and quality, European design and rich equipment.

Photo Gallery of Changan