History of Chery

Chery is quite a young company, which is engaged in the Assembly and production of passenger cars and their accessories.

In 1997, the Chinese government has allocated $ 1.75 yuan, to build a new plant productive capacity of 60 000 passenger cars and 300,000 engines per 1 year. The campaign was organized in the Ear, which is the province of Anhui.

The factory has complete equipment, which allows not only to collect the car, but also to produce or develop accessories. For this the company has a special design and research centres. According to statistics, over one year, the company produces 400 thousand bodies and 300 thousand transmissions.

Sales of Chery cars in 2005 amazed at around 190 000 cars. Due to this concern and took 1st place in China in the export of cars.

Chery is involved in a huge number of research projects and annually pleases consumers with new models of cars. The next goal of the company is to achieve production of 1 million vehicles per year, thereby increasing the exports to 40%.

Today, the production amount: about 350 thousand cars and 400 thousand engines per year. The company employs more than 8000 employees. Cars Chery exported to 29 countries.

Photo Gallery of Chery