History of Chevrolet

Well-known car brand Chevrolet (Chevrolet Motor Division) is a branch of the famous company "General motors", the headquarters of the company are located in Michigan, North of Detroit in the town of Warren.

The company specializes in the production of passenger cars, pickups and convenient, affordable and reliable SUV.

The date of creation of the company is considered to be a 1911, and her "father" is the Creator of General motors Mr Durant. After retiring from the management of his creation, he began to create other companies. But the nature of William Durant was business, not engineering, that's why, going from General motors, he took with him the great idea of a car that had to finalize and implement. Its the epitome of refinement and started promising engineer Louis Chevrolet, thanks to his success in developing the world got a new car bearing the name of the first engineer.

The first car company was published in 1912, it was known Classic Six, that is a classic six, which had not only a great performance at a power of 30 horsepower, but was also equipped with a folding top, windshield, also used electric light and equipped with 4 doors. This six-cylinder "beauty" was first a good swallow of the project under the name Chevrolet.

The same year saw the light and the little four (Four Little), equipped with four-cylinder engine. But, alas, the price of the car was almost too much for the average American. Because Ford with the same qualities was several times smaller.

Being economista highest standard, William Durant realized that the second Cadillac world does not need, and the success of the new brand is not in the fashionableness of the machine, and its affordable price. After that, the company completely changes the concept and begins to produce a simple and cheap four-cylinder engines and vehicles of the automobile type, Baby Grand, as well as sporty Royal Mail.

In 1914 on the same car models occurs trademark symbol Chevrolet bowtie, which today is associated with this brand.

In 1916 on the market currently appears brainchild brand Chevrolet Chevrolet 490. This car has a simple three-stage gearbox and four-cylinder engine that makes it look like a Ford. Machine conquers the Americans for its accessibility, while offering a number of "trumps". The car uses electric headlight system, which is rare even for high-quality and expensive cars. Machine gets so popular that comes up until 1922.

It is a Chevrolet-490 permanently marked specialization of the concern. Chevrolet now produce only extremely simple, economical and cheap cars for the American population at any level of wealth.

The financial success of the project under the name Chevrolet, as well as the popularity of simple, low-cost car in the world helped its founder to regain control of General motors and attach to the concern and growing company Chevrolet. This merger marked the end of 1918. And a small company of inexpensive cars for many years was the decoration of the production of a number of powerful giant General motors.

The company's turnover increase, engineers are creating new ideas, the world meets with enthusiasm and gusto new cars. Engineers make a real treasure in the automotive industry.

And here is the result of these works is the car that was released in 1955, this Suburban Carryall, this crew for the suburbs. Multi-car, opening a new page in the production of the cars are comfortable, multi, inexpensive brands.

In 1950, the engineers begin to equip cars Chevrolet automatic transmissions. The next step in the development of autocompany is the appearance of the world "pet" Corvette, which, however, is gaining popularity, although claims to be the first true American sports car. From a total collapse Corvette makes use of the 8-cylinder engine.

Already in 1956 Corvette becomes a real sports car. New upgraded frame, manual transmission, beautiful appearance and a capacity of up to 290 horsepower give the car the right to life. And since 1961 Corvette power reaches 315 HP, which gives him the ability to accelerate from a standstill to 100 km/h in 5.5 seconds.

In 1963 Corvette begins to conquer the world for exhibitions and presentations. He commands respect and admiration, admire them, he becomes a true embodiment of the American car. Ultra-modern design creates a feeling of power and strength, while differing quick ejaculation and Lite version. The new car is recognized as the highlight of the world's automotive and causes intense interest to the public. The new model Chevrolet had improved frame with independent rear suspension MCPFE.

By 1966 Corvette acquires the capacity of 560 horsepower, this seven-liter engine just works wonders, urging all automakers in the world that limit power Chevrolet's just not.

But 1968 was the year of the failure. Overloaded with unnecessary features, and details, the car abruptly loses demand, becomes unprofitable. Save the situation abrupt changes. which return model popularity but, alas, to regain the admiration of the Corvette is no longer possible.

Another important aspect of the history of Chevrolet becomes 1979, when the company establishes production front wheel drive car, which, moreover, differed transversely arranged powertrains. The first sign of innovations model was "Sitation".

Currently a huge world popular four-wheel-drive cars and SUVs produced on the basis of Chevrolet.

Photo Gallery of Chevrolet

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