History of Cole

In 1909 the company was founded "Cole", which in the first years of its existence, specialized in the production vysokoklasnyh classic American cars. In addition, mark has developed a unique two-cylinder engines, which were in great demand among small firms that manufacture trucks.

However, in 1911 were presented to four and six-cylinder powertrains Cole, a feature unique in those years water cooling. In addition, "Cole became the world's first car manufacturer that introduced the modern electric starters, as well as headlamps and rear light. In 1915, was presented the first eight-cylinder model engines, which were installed on the sports cars of the company.

However, creative decision to paint all manufacturer model grey color, so that the body was less visible dirt, played into the hands of the company. Cars Cole was considered to be a Spartan and occupied the budget segment of the automotive market of the United States of America.

In 1920 produced a new model, called the Aero eight, which had several modifications of the body. It was proposed not only classic quadruple Aero eight, but double compartment at its base, long-wheelbase version with seven seats and two versions of the cabriolet. In 1924 there were presented new versions hire Cole, who received flotation tires and air suspension. In 1925 there were presented new versions of already produced models Volant and Bruett. However, the car never found its buyer, and the continuing modernization of plants "Cole" has led to its rapid bankruptcy.

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