History of Corbin

The company "Corbin" was founded in 1904 Phillip Carbinol, a young engineer who tried to create a car that would be in demand in different segments of customers, while remaining the only model. The first car Corbin was introduced in 1905. The main technical component of the car was the presence of air cooled engines, which had a capacity of from 20 to 30 horsepower.

But since 1908 the production of low-power versions with power units 20 horsepower was discontinued. And remaining on the conveyor 30-strong version got water cooling. The price of cars Corbin was about a thousand dollars, making them relatively popular in the automotive market of the United States of America. The main slope firm "Corbin" was made to improve the design, which was successful and attracted new customers. However, in 1912 the company was closed and Philip Corbin concentrated on the creation of a new generation of yachts for world tours. All plants mark Corbin came under the control of Buick, which in turn became part of Chrysler.

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