History of Dacia

DACIA is the old name of Romania, and it's local, quite popular and successful car company. It should be noted that DACIA is a constituent element of the famous Renault company, whose products are famous for its unbeatable quality and meet all major international standards.

Today DACIA successfully cope with the task of producing nearly the entire range range of Renault cars. Meanwhile, these products differ slightly lower cost, which in no way affected the quality of the products. Brand DACIA is known and respected by every citizen of Romania, because this firm has established itself not only as a manufacturer of affordable vehicles, but also as a company that cares about their reputation and their customers.

At the moment the company Automobile Dacia produces almost the same model of car, and that during the socialist years. Of course, models are constantly upgrading, but, nevertheless, the basis is still the same Renault 12, with the date of the first converging conveyor which has been more than four decades. This model is characterized by the strength and ruggedness. He first started collecting back in 1969, from the day it is released without any failures and terminations and that despite all its inherent aging.

In the process the most recent modernist decisions appearance of the sedan 1310 Berlina and wagon 1310 Break've updated, so the models successfully managed to catch up on a small Romanian automotive market and to gain fertilizer among local buyers.

The above-mentioned sedan and wagon are equipped and 1.4, respectively, 1.6-litre petrol engines, the capacity of which reaches 62 and 72 HP

Quality distribution Dacia pick-UPS are popular not only among the countries of Eastern Europe, but also in Central America and the middle East. Their production started in 1972.

One of the most solid rear-drive series is considered 1307 Pick-up Drop side, the capacity of which is equal to 1.1 T. This variant is characterized by increased base and frame structure. Its kind of modification is the so-called five-option 1307 F Double Cab, carrying up to 850 pounds. Last appearance similar to an ordinary sedan, the trunk of which was replaced by the open body.

In addition to the popular front-wheel-drive versions no less respect are four-wheel drive versions of almost the entire range of commercial vehicles.

In modern times produce more than 100 thousand cars badged Dacia, as well as about 20-25 thousand pickups of the same brand every year.

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