History of Daewoo

Daewoo is a South Korean firm, which was founded in 1967. The company's main office is located in Seoul.

Since 1972, the Korean government established the right to produce cars of four companies: Hyundai Motor, Kia, Shinjin and Asia Motors and, several years later, the Daewoo company.

A young dynamic company Daewoo (translated as "Great universe") to the middle of 90-ies included more than 30 large units involved in the production of different products, ranging from televisions and semiconductors and to ships and cars.

For the first time the Daewoo company declared itself in 1983, and very quickly (within a few years) she was already successfully compete with European manufacturers.

After the concern began producing cars, Daewoo has risen at a fairly serious level. By 1992, the Corporation became independent as financial income is allowed, and, as a result of its own models of cars. This experience came in handy, in order to organize joint venture in Uzbekistan.

At the moment the cars of this brand is no longer considered a luxury because they can be seen on almost every street. They are loved by the people in their functionality, simplicity and relatively low prices.

Photo Gallery of Daewoo

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