History of De Tomaso

The headquarters of the famous Italian car manufacturer De Tomaso Automobili is located in the city of Modena. Founded this company was the famous Italian racing driver Alejandro de Tomaso. Initially the idea was to create a company for the production of racing cars. And to start was selected by the city of Modena.

In 1959 the debut of the company in the market. Then the world saw the first development of de Tomaso: these were the prototypes of the "Formula Junior and Formula-2". Then the development of this company has somewhat slowed down, because I had to find some new technical solutions, which could affect the positive development of the company. In 1965, the leadership of the group decides on joint activities with the famous American automotive company "Ford". This fruitful collaboration lasted until 1975. And all this time the joint work was very fruitful. However, de Tomaso not abandoned the idea of creating a sports car. And in 1969 began active work on the car, who was to participate in the "Formula 2". After a couple years have passed merge "De Tomaso Automobili" and "Maserati".

In the late sixties - early seventies the company de Tomaso came over ten famous Italian designers and engineers. They were joined by Giampaolo Dallara, Volume Guard and nello Ugolini. Then the world saw the car De Tomaso Mangusta. It was released only four hundred copies. This car was a modern eight-cylinder engine and very attractive at the time of design. Its highlight was the so-called double beautiful Farah.

The production of interesting models "Panther" was the next productive step in the continued operations of the company. In 1971 car of the brand De Tomaso Pantera was presented to the public and immediately gained immense popularity. This machine was produced until 2000 (over thirty years).

Huge commercial success allowed automobile company "De Tomaso" comfortably exist and spend your money right and left. However, de Tomaso was a literate and intelligent man and not allow themselves to mindlessly spend money.

In the mid-seventies began a whole new era in the development of the company. Concern "Ford" and "De Tomaso Automobili" signed a joint agreement to establish a new enterprise. And this cooperation lasted until 1990.

In 1996 there was a model called the De Tomaso Guara, and exactly one year was a model of car De Tomaso Bigua. These two models are recognized as the recent successful development of this car manufacturer. In 2000, the Creator of this company Alejandro de Tomaso became disabled, and this is not the best display on the further development of the company. At the moment there has been a significant decline in production and skeptics argue that soon the company will cease to exist.

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