History of Delorean

The first DMC-12 was collected on 3 December 1980 and in early March 1981, the company started mass production. Despite the global crisis, DeLorean continued to assert that he will be able to sell 30 thousand cars a year, although by this time the price of the DMC-12 was increased twice in comparison with the promised and reached 25 thousand. In addition, due to low build quality in the U.S., where 75% of cars had to organize centres and for 2 thousand dollars actually went through again.

However, initially the car was waiting with great success. The first six months of sales brought us $ 26.5 million net profit on the car, there was a huge queue, it was resold for 5-8 thousand more. For the last 6 months of 1981 DMC-12 sales in the US bypassed the Porsche 911 and 924 together at close to the price.

Inspired by first success and striving to satisfy all orders, the company ordered the "drive shaft". Quality, already low, fell, followed by mass rejections from the machine, its credibility was undermined. In late 1981, the first signs of financial problems. In January of 1982 due to lower sales of the plant was operating at half of the production capacity, and in February on "DMC" external management is introduced. The new conservative government of the UK money DeLorean no longer allowed. Refused him and us banks may not without pressure from management "GM".

31 may 1982 plant in Dunmurry was closed, and on October 19, "DeLorean Motor Company declared bankrupt. On the same day in Los Angeles De Lorean was arrested on charges of resale ... 100 kg of cocaine worth 24 million dollars.

Apparently not finding legitimate sources of obtaining of money, he decided to make money that way. However, the court found that the Scam is a trick of the FBI, and DeLorean was acquitted. He was also accused in the disappearance of 17.6 million dollars of the amount allocated by the British government, but even then he managed to get out, but the career is certainly talented designer and Manager could put a cross.

After DeLorean remained controversial book, an abandoned factory on the outskirts of Belfast and 8583 car that bears his name. Perhaps if on DMC - 12 has established a more powerful motor (modification of the turbo engine was ready for production), solved the problems, build quality, eliminate minor defects in the Assembly, that he would become one of the best in its class.

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