History of Dennis

The British company "Dennis" was founded in 1895, when engineer John Dennis, along with his younger brother Raymond assembled my first bike, and just a few months later he started a small company to produce them. However, since 1897, the brothers began to experiment by installing an internal combustion engine on the bike. So, there were presented several prototypes mopeds, and in 1900, began a collaboration with a French company De Dion-Bouton".

In the same year was presented the first car of a small company who received single-cylinder engine capacity of 2 horsepower. By 1904 it had sold more than 500 copies of the car brand "Dennis Brothers". However, in the same year the brothers was developed light commercial van sales left far behind all the previous products of the company. Under the hood the model 15cwt was located powertrain from the "white Pope", with a capacity of 12 horsepower. In 1905, was the first bus company "Dennis", and a year later went on sale legendary double-Decker buses, which are one of the symbols of great Britain and London. Two years later, on the wave of success, the firm Dennis started manufacturing fire engines and two-ton trucks equipped with three-stage gearbox and motors 24 and 35 horsepower, respectively. By the beginning of the Second World War, the company "Dennis" has become one of the largest automotive companies in the UK, but in the early 1940 all its factories were completely destroyed by German aircraft. Production was resumed in 1945.

By 2000, the firm "Dennis" has become one of the largest and most popular manufacturers of buses and trucks in the UK due to the fact that since the late 80-ies entirely focused on industrial and commercial models. The production of passenger cars the company is no longer taking place.

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