History of Dupont

In 1920, the American company "DuPont", founded by Frenchman Field Du Translated, shifted from the production of ship power units on the production of luxury sports cars. Having experience in the production of internal combustion engines, the firm has successfully carried out a full cycle of production of components for their vehicles, but since 1925 switched to motors of other manufacturers.

In the period from 1925 to 1930 was released about 400 instances of models DuPont Type F and D, are equipped with a power unit brand "continental", and in 1931 the team "DuPont" is published at the start of the 24 hours of Le Mans, where he was presented model Type G, equipped with eight-cylinder engine producing 141 horsepower. However, the cost of the participation in the race, where racers of the American team failed to finish behind the leader for more than 20 laps, was too high for a small company, which led to a partial confiscation of its property. In 1932 Paul Du Pont decided to close its automotive company and to resume production of power units for ships.

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