History of Duryea

In 1895 he founded the American company "Duryea Motor Wagon", specializing first years of its existence for the manufacture of self-propelled carriages. The company's founders, brothers Charles and Frank Duryea not to spend too much time on the production of electric cars, presenting in 1896, the first truly affordable car with petrol power unit, which is just 3 months of sales has become the most popular in the United States of America and Canada. Despite a number of unpleasant and tragic accidents, Duryea in 1897 participates in several sports competitions in the UK, where one of them Frank Duryea finish first, ahead of the nearest rival on 75 minutes.

In the same year he began selling cars in Europe, but because of the competition from local brands, significant advances have not been achieved, despite the fact that investors have invested significant resources. It is 1897 became a turning point in the history of Duryea mired in debt. And in 1899, the brothers Duryea terminated the cooperation. Charles left the firm "Guria" to the end of his days did not talk with his brother. In 1900 Frank Duryea continues the production of cars, including the company several Studio for the production of components and body parts. But by 1905, the company produced over 60 cars per year, beating all competitors. But the success was short-lived and ended when, in 1916, Henry Ford introduced his legendary model T.

Frank Duryea instantly answered a similar model that had to leave behind concern "Ford", but this did not happen, and the company once again went into decline. Frank fully focused on the production of sports cars, but in 1920 was forced to close his company.

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