History of Eagle

Eagle is the so - called American representative of the automotive industry, which specializes in the production of an average price category, developed by famous offices as Chrysler and Mitsubishi. Around the mid 50-ies, this company was owned by two automotive companies: Hudson and Nash. Around the late 70's - early 80-ies have been purchasing this brand Renault.

A similar step was taken due to the need to increase the number of sales of French cars in the USA. Unfortunately, this strategic move, had no success, and soon the company Eagle was overbought now the American Chrysler. However, according to the contract of sale Chrysler was obliged to promote "French representatives Eagle. As it turned out later, Chrysler is not very responsible approach to the implementation of such contractual terms and not in a hurry to promote and populationat "foreign" cars. From the Renault was followed by the intention to terminate the contract, but due to the presence of various legal inaccuracies and conflicts, in the end, a trademark are unable to use either of the company.

Only in the late 80-ies of the trade mark was acquired by the Japanese representatives, which had been established for sale Mitsubishi in America. However, it should be noted that after a certain period Eagle yet again proved to be the property of a Chrysler.

Over the past few years, the program branches Eagle, as a rule, included models borrowed from Mitsubishi, this is known as the Summit sedan, the so-called modification Lancer, etc.

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