History of Faw

Faw is the oldest company, which is engaged in the automotive industry in China.

The first factory to produce cars in China was established with Soviet assistance. He began to function in Changchun (1953). It is worth noting that Chinese factory gate is identical to the entrance of the ZIL.

Today in China there are already over 500 automotive companies of different types. Among them just stands out concert Faw as one of the leading. The production is aimed at the domestic market and for export. The company successfully applies advanced Japanese and European technologies. Therefore, all the Faw are considered modern, their quality meets all modern requirements, that the price is quite low. It is worth noting and strict adherence to basic norms and criteria such as reliability, safety, sustainability and comfort.

Under this trademark today is an enormous amount of freight cars of different classes. All trucks of this plant have engines in China.

The company Faw includes numerous models of modern cars, ranging from the prestigious Audi and Volkswagen cars, trucks and finishing brands Jiefang, FAW, Jilin and Changchun. Now the company is one of the largest leaders in the freight industry.

Photo Gallery of Faw