History of Ferrari

Ferrari is a famous Italian company that specializes in the production of an elite race car. Since 1989, the Ferrari is a subsidiary of well-known Fiat. The company's main office is located in Maranello.

Talking about this brand, like Ferrari, you can't miss someone like Enzo Ferrari, because he is its founder. The hero was born in 1898 in the small town of Modena. In 20 years he has worked in a serious car society entitled "CMN" (Milan). There he held the position of test driver. He first took part in the race Parma-Berceto in 1919. After a year he became a test pilot in the company "Alfa Romeo".

Twenty years continued his career in the firm: he went from a normal driver to Director of division of Alfa Rasing. Together with the work in the firm Enzo in 1929 creates their sports society called "Scuderia Ferrari", which main objective is the creation of a racing team and the conduct of racing. After 12 years of "Scuderia" begins to represent team "Alfa Romeo". But in 1940, the beginning of a serious controversy between the "Alfa Romeo" and "Scuderia", which lead to the fact that Enzo Ferrari created his own company, whose name became known worldwide.

Originally, the company only equipment for cars. But after some time, namely, in 1946 there was the first car - Ferrari 125. As a brand, the company founder has chosen stallion on a bright yellow background.

Photo Gallery of Ferrari

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