History of Gaylord

The company "Gaylord" was founded by two brothers who inherited a vast fortune of his father. In 1954, they registered a company to show off their engineering talent, which sought to manifest itself in creating a luxurious and powerful cars.

A year later, saw the light of Gaylord Gladiator V8, sport Roadster, which had a gorgeous finish and is made from highest quality materials. The car was very high quality, with excellent sound insulation of the cabin, however, was very expensive to manufacture. At current prices, the minimum price would be over $150 000. Under the hood the first machines were installed engine 331 Chrysler hemi, which was subsequently replaced by Cadillac 365 because of its weight. A distinctive feature of the design was rigid removable roof, which was very unusual. Cars Gaylord was produced in limited editions, and because of the high cost of sale is not earned income. Existed until 1960, the company "Gaylord" sank into oblivion.

Photo Gallery of Gaylord