History of Geely

Geely was founded in 1986. A well selected team of young and talented specialists prepared the Foundation for its rapid expansion in the Chinese market. And she succeeded, indeed, in 1994 the company began to occupy a leading position in the production and sale of scooters. In the first year the total number of sales was 60 thousand units, and by the end of next rose more than three times (200 thousand units). Thus, the Geely quickly gained a stable position in the international market.

Of course, on its laurels, the company did not stop. Opened new universities that have been directly involved in the training of specialists, providing them the opportunity to recruit a new team of talented and responsible people.

Due to the valuable achievements and excellent reputation Geely has become a promising and attractive partner. This is, in fact, allowed the group to sign a lucrative contract with a few large-scale commercial banks. However, the company cooperated with many famous brands of cars.

In same time, our company exports its vehicles in more than fifty countries in the world (USA, Ukraine, Russia, countries of Western and Northern Europe, Southeast Asia).

Photo Gallery of Geely