History of Ginaf

Dutch manufacturer of heavy equipment, the company "GINAF Trucks B.V.", originates in 1966. It is engaged in the production of special equipment designed for operation in the fields of mining, large construction sites and others that require powerful trucks.

"GINAF" from the very beginning was to use in the production of machines chassis company DAF. The first trucks, released in 1966, had a capacity of 12.5 tons and motors from 165 to 173 horsepower. 2 years later, the trucks were installed motors, claiming to already 202-213 HP

In 1976 the company was established first truck 8X8, had incredible at the time the mass - 47,4 t, and in 1984 "GINAF" introduced a more powerful machine on the chassis F520. These trucks can carry up to 40 tons of cargo and had the full weight of up to 58 tons. Diesel engines rated at 330 horsepower and wheel formula 10X4 and 10X8 allowed them to move easily on difficult dirt roads, making them very popular among industrial companies. 4 years later, this line got upgraded motors, with 354 HP power.

As GINAF used in the production of their machines with engines and cabs from company trucks DAF, then over time it became its subsidiary, instead of getting loss of independence best prices on accessories. Itself "GINAF" began to develop high-strength frames, suspensions, leading and managed bridges. In 1991, in its machines appeared electro-hydraulic control system of the rear axle, which has become a revolutionary solution in the heavy automotive industry. Today GINAF gathers about 200 heavy trucks per year, providing a global industry with quality and modern machines.

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