History of Gmc

General Motors is a major major Corporation, available on the market for over a century, the activity of which is directed to the manufacture of heavy trucks, and vans and trucks belonging to the category of passenger trucks. The establishment of the company and was not planned when at the beginning of the 20th century, two brothers Grabovski - Maurice and Max created his first car, working on the simplest mechanism with only one piston. This truck they put up for sale. Based on the car were manufactured in 1902, which took founded for this Rapid Motor Vehicle.

After six years in the life of the brothers appears William Durant, who at that time owned by Buick company. Since that time, many Michigan young automotive industry is United under the auspices of the new General Motors company.

A year after the merger in the sale of new trucks. After another 7 years in 1916, General Motors becomes the General Motors Corporation. Good service of the American army played by the company during the war, only two years from 1917 to 1919, it supported its release more than 10,000 of their trucks. After the confrontation, the owners realized that they needed to move on, and began serious modifying process which touched as changes in buildings and vehicle appearance and internal parts and the Assembly process.

1925 was marked by a significant infusion into the company, "The Yellow Cab Manufacturing", based in Chicago, has decided to merge with General Motors Corporation. This event led to the expansion of the range of products manufactured under its own brand cars, in the usual production of blended trucks average weight.

In 1931 the company first released a heavy truck that could carry up to 15 tons of cargo, he was in the series T and was called the T-95. Interesting moment in the life of the company was the order on special trucks, in which it was possible to transport animals, so General Motors Corporation was engaged in the creation of conditions for the transportation of elephants.

1934 developers ideas for new models come to mind to produce cars with driver's cab, which was located directly above the engine. This model has become quite common, so started to experiment over the look of the truck and color schemes.

World war II greatly affected the production of the company. The circulation of it's vehicles have increased significantly, however the range has changed. Now these were the machines used for military purposes, and there were special trucks and amphibious vehicles that could transport passengers both the solid surface and the water surface, even tanks were produced from the Assembly lines of factories.

Vehicles of class A was measured short age, and they were replaced by more powerful and new cars of Class 8. One of them called "Bubblenose" even had a bed for the second driver. In 1956 the first truck 4WD models equipped with all-wheel drive. In 1959 was completed the production of trucks with the engine mounted under the cab, and in selling out the new "Crackerbox", whose cab was like a box.

Until 1968 edition GMC everything was unchanged until the company decided to pull the conveyor a new car - "Astro-95", the cab being located over the engine, and it had a newer more sleek design and convenient dashboard.

In our days are used and old cars, and relatively new. Among today's proposal, it should be noted Sonoma pick-UPS and Sierra ACE. Sierra ACE differs in that it has many elegant chrome-plated parts and is able to transport 6 people. Van Safari, which is like four-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive, and is very similar to the Chevrolet Astro, is considered a family car, and is acquired primarily for travel on difficult terrain.

Savana SLT is a minibus comfortably accommodate which can 7 people. There are several models, one of which can accommodate 15 people. Another one of GM SUVs - all-wheel drive sedan Savana SLT, but there are also cars with rear wheel drive.

In 2001 a new family SUVs Envoy, which was significantly different from its predecessors, was replaced and the design and internal components.

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