History of Great Wall

Great Wall is one of the largest Chinese companies in the production of passenger cars, trucks and buses. The holding consists of more than 10 subsidiary companies, which, in addition to the automotive industry, engaged in scientific research and development.

Since 2004, the company Great Wall is in the TOP 10 largest private Chinese enterprises.

Now the company Great Wall is:

• clear leader in the export of SUVs (within five years);

• leading exporter of pickups (for ten years);

• auto supplier in more than 50 countries in the world.

The total area of the Great Wall is about 1 800 000 m2, which produces more than 400,000 cars a year.

All the cars of this brand for a very long time have proven themselves to the world as a quality, reliable and affordable. Many motorists understand that under this brand is sold cars that deserve attention and are a great alternative to many new cars.

The company owns two factories that produce cars, with the first specializes in the production of pickups and SUVs, and second in the production of passenger cars. It should be noted that both of the concern is only equipped with modern equipment and only use nanotechnology to save and confirm his reputation.

Photo Gallery of Great Wall