History of Grove

In 1947 he founded the American company "Grove", specializing in the production of special equipment for industrial and military applications. After a year he was presented the first model of a hydraulic crane, the capacity from 14 to 29 tons. By 1953, thanks to the generous financial support of the government of the country, the firm "Grove" launches serial production of hydraulic cranes with lifting capacity of up to 499 tons, which are at the disposal of the American and canadian construction companies engaged in the sphere of gas and oil production. In 1956, the company became the largest supplier to the U.S. army, fulfilling orders for the creation of special equipment for special purposes.

In 1984 the company Grove comes first in the world among manufacturers of industrial construction equipment, consuming a number of small companies to develop special equipment of new generation. By mid-1984 the firm buys "Coles Cranes, getting together with her contracts on cooperation with companies "Volvo" and "Hyundai". So the plant started manufacturing trucks and light cranes Grove Crane, which was provided by the Swedish company Volvo market leadership in Northern Europe for the supply of special equipment. In 1998, however, begin economic difficulties at the "Grove", and it is part of the government conglomerate "Manitowoc Group, which under their own brands began producing technique "Grove", transforming the once-successful company in the subsidiary developer construction equipment.

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