History of Gwk

The British company "GWK", appeared in 1911, and received its name from the first letters of the names of three young engineers Grice, wood and Keller, who became its founders. The first car the company has received a two-cylinder power unit from the company Coventry-Simplex, which occupied 30% of the market for internal combustion engines in the United Kingdom. By 1915 was released more than 1.5 thousand copies of the first model GWK.

After the war, "GWK" continued to produce its first model, subsequently replacing the two-cylinder engine is more powerful V4 from Coventry-Simplex. In addition, if before the motor was located in front of the rear axle, it has now been decided to install it on the front, leading axle, which allowed better distribution of weight. And in 1924 began the use of third generation power units Coventry-Simplex, in parallel, the partners have begun to create a new car that was never presented to the public, due to the fact that the company "GWK" went bankrupt in 1931, two months before the premiere of the new model. All of her belongings went through all the same company Coventry-Simplex, which failed to produce the second and last model GWK.

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