History of Hafei

Hafei - Harbin automotive company - is a representative of Chinese production of small cars and minivans. The birth of this company occurred in 1994 in the form of so-called joint ventures with foreign capital (assets in the amount of 4.4 billion yuan). Around the beginning of 2006, a special team of industrial companies Hafei, which represents a conglomerate, consisting of six rather large productions. It is worth noting that, to date, involved in the production of power is more than 11 thousands of workers and employees. About 1200 people can "boast" of the presence of higher, middle, economic, and technical education.

According to official data until the end of 2005 the company was launched from the conveyor about 1,43 million vehicles of various types, was also created more than 2,72 million copies engines. Modern enterprise called Hafei engaged in the production and sale of 400 thousand cars and 550 thousand engines a year. The products of this company, which is not only the affordability, but also great quality and technical characteristics, are successfully exported to more than 40 countries.

The company is endowed with an excellent opportunity to self-development and the creation of original and excellent in all the characteristics of engines and vehicles. The whole process is done with the help of more experienced counterparts: Italian, Austrian, Japanese, English and other firms. The production program consists of about a hundred different variants of models of vehicles, including passenger cars and trucks.

Products Hafei is a huge success and popularity among the local Chinese population. At the present day in Russia comes just three car models that are created in factories Hafei, it is about the hatchback A-class called Brio, minivan Simbo, as well as about all the famous s-class sedan with a sauna, indoor.

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