History of Haima

Haima - Department of FAW group that gathers in China modern Mazda and produces its own Haima. From the Union with Mazda Haima draws valuable and functional ideas for your own vehicles.

The brand name was the result of a merger of the names of the Chinese province of Hainan, where the base of operations, and the Japanese brand. Therefore, to talk about plagiarism in this case is unfair: if we talk about the "firstborn", Haima 3, model rethought and simplified - the previous generation "Japanese" has breathed new life.

Interpreting ideas Mazda, plant specialists Haima create their models with the latest automotive. For example, suspension of new Haima optimized by engineers at Lotus. Safety body provides increased durability separate areas of the frame, and the suspension and improved damping properties of the suspension improved handling and maneuverability of a car on any road.

The basic package Haima is also 4W ABS and front airbags. A special treat will get the driver from Haima perfect insulation interior, convenient dashboard, the ability to adjust the steering column and multifunction seats. For the forgetful - warning system failure to fasten seat belts.

The company Haima was established in 1988 as part of FAW Corporation. Nine years ago she became a strategic partner of Mazda. It all started with the build of Japanese cars. Later, as is typical of many Chinese made, the plant started to produce cars under its own brand. Now the company has two Assembly plants, a plant for the production of engines, its own research and design centers. Capacities allow to produce up to 150 thousand cars per year. In China Haima cars sold in 150 dealerships.

Photo Gallery of Haima