History of Hino

The history of the Japanese company HINO originates in 1910., when was established the company Tokyo Gas industry (Tokyo Gas Industry Co.,Ltd) producing light trucks. In 1942 was formed Hino Heavy industry (Hino Heavy Industry Co.,Ltd), later renamed Hino motors industry (Hino Motors Industry.,Ltd).

The successful development of the automotive market has allowed the company HINO to conclude a bilateral agreement with Toyota, which made her part of a global Toyota Group. Currently the company HINO is the largest producer of trucks and buses in Japan.

The company HINO's activity is focused not only on Japan. It occupies a leading position in the markets of Asia and Oceania, is increasing its presence in the markets of other regions, including North America. Annual sales of HINO brand vehicles worldwide in excess of 100,000 units.

The company intends to significantly increase this number in the next decade. The largest production base HINO outside of Japan is a factory in Thailand, which has been functioning since 1964. In addition, the production and sale of products established in countries such as China, Indonesia, Pakistan, Vietnam, USA, Canada and Mexico.

Representative office opened in India, Malaysia, Australia, Venezuela, Colombia, Belgium, and now in Russia. The company's specialists HINO working hard to bring the product specification in accordance with the terms and requirements of each region.

HINO aims to produce high quality products, as well as increased productivity, aided production system of Toyota, adapted and implemented in HINO.

The company HINO is actively developing new technologies to ensure the safety and reliability of vehicles, each stage of which conducted a thorough research and testing specifications. Environmental protection is also one of the priorities of the company.

Therefore, in HINO strive to create environmentally friendly products, developing technologies for treatment of exhaust gas emissions, fuel efficiency and many others. The company HINO looks to the future, developing and implementing the next generation engines, namely a hybrid engine-driven fuel cells.

First company in the world HINO launched a line of mass production of electro-hybrid bus with a diesel engine, thus taking the leading position in the field of hybrid systems.

Thus, the result of hard work of all employees of the company is the production of reliable, environmentally sound, technologically safe, economical and comfortable car much ahead of his time.

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